Do you still take care of your baby when you are sick (like a fever) since no one is able to help you?

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Yes. I went to doctor immediately when I got cough and sore throat. Then took medication and continued to look after my baby. Breastfeeding is really good as my baby don't got infected by me at all😇

Yes. Last time i were get infected by my baby's vaccination virus (rotavirus), after vomitting+diarrhea, i continue look after my baby. No choice, "strong and keep going on" is my life principal now.

Yes for 5 yrs before i hired a helper. My parents and parents in law are far away. So they occasionally drop by to see thechildren. But mostly i tend to the kids.

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All rounded mummy can die but cannot sick. That's how I feel coz i take care of my children without anybody helping 😭

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Baby and mums share anti bodies so bby wont get sick if u breastfeed bby. Im having fever, flu and still bf lo.

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Try to take care of yourself first, see a doctor take meds to make yourself feel better! Take care 🤗

Of course. Mother's job is 24hrs, without any leave or benefits. Haha.... No rest, no toilet breaks

Yes i do! But i refrain myself from kissing my baby and kept washing my hands before touching him.

Yup I still do. Just take extra precaution to wear mask and wash hands properly and all

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My hubby would be the one to take care of lo most of time if I fell sick.