Do you still let your children play outdoor this summer season?

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Oh! No. Ofcourse, not anytime around day time, but during late evenings, I myself take her out to have fresh air and have the feel of outside environment, just to break the claustrophobia that we ourselves otherwise get. It is impossible for kids to make kids stay indoors all days during summers. I know, it is already hot in the evenings as well, but being at home the whole day, kind of gets on to you. So, even if her friends are not around that time, I take her for cycling or skating which she likes doing.

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I try to avoid that but the way children are, you just can not keep them indoors all the time. So, my kids go out no matter how humid and hot it is outside, they have to have their share of outdoor time.

Nope I don't allow her to play outside. There are lots of bad people lurking around so it's better safe than sorry. Anyways, she has all the toys that she needs here at home so she doesn't get bored.

If there's a scheduled play date with my friends' kids yes definitely I will let my child play outdoors because there are plenty of eyes surrounding them so they're all safe.

I don't. I even hardly let them play outdoor on regular days, how much more with this kind of temperature now.

In our province we have a huge fenced backyard and I let my daughter play there with her cousins.