Would you stick with a spouse who disrespects your parents/family?

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I would definitely try to talk some sense into him first, get to the bottom of his negativity towards my family if this happened to me. If it's within reason, I'd try to help him resolve it and see how things goes, whether there are any improvements or not. If there isn't, then I'd definitely take a harsher approach and tell him off. Even if he hates my family so much, he can at least be civil and put up a friendly front for my sake. I would if the tables were turned. There is absolutely no excuse to being rude.

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It's really hard to tell, but definitely it should be a NO! Like what everyone else here has mentioned, you are all family now. If he isn't open to being civil at the very least, there's no chance for you to be together. It will keep coming back, trust me. Your family is still family no matter what, and you shouldn't allow anyone, not even your spouse to show any sign of rudeness.

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No. Never compromise your family for your spouse. Your partner should not only respect you but also your family. If they don't get along or are experiencing problems it's best if you could talk to your spouse and tell them to resolve things. Keep things civil because technically if you are married you all are family. :)

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It really depends on the level of disrespect he/she did, if it's something out of hand, or with violence, definitely not, if you think you can talk or make him realize that there are lots of ways to communicate with your family then go for it.

Never. Your family is an extension of yourself, and your significant other should at the very least respect them. Also, no decent human being would purposely disrespect one's parents and family.