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My husband and I have plans to have a second child. However, recently, my 13mo baby has been taking a very long time to fall asleep and ends up sleeping very late (around 10pm to 10.30pm). She also has been needing a lot of attention and cannot be left alone for long. Doing the housework while looking after her has also been very challenging. Hence, my husband is unsure if we will be able to manage when I am pregnant with our second child and when we have to look after both children, as we do not have a helper and our parents are not staying with us. I am considering having a part time helper to help with the housework during the weekends, but my husband is not very keen on the idea as he feels the main issue now is having to spend a lot of time putting baby to sleep and giving her a lot of attention. Also, I have been having difficulties wiping her mouth, teaching her how to brush her teeth, getting her to drink from the straw cup and even getting her to drink water. She would cry when her mouth is being wiped, when we want to feed her water, and when we want to teach her how to do things. Would appreciate if you have some tips on how to make these tasks easier! Also, how did you manage handling pregnancy while looking after your other child or children, and how did you manage looking after more than one child? Thank you in advance!

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My gal is currently 2y2mths old and i am also in my 34 wks of pregnancy. My ger was also taking a long time to sleep (except now she seems dam shag from sch compared to previously). But i guess she is becoming slightly better now too coz at least i can wfh while she is home. I guess its the passing stage! Hb takes care of my ger mostly but i am usually the one staying at hm if she falls sick on my office days.. i am not that lucky because my inlaws and father r not able to help because they are v old alr. At the moment i have no intention to get a helper at all coz we both are not that comfortable to have a stranger at hm and i am not used to ppl doing tings for me. Try letting ur baby ownself try wipe? My ger doesnt like us to help her do anyting 😢 and sometimes she does tings that u always tell her not to hahaha. At 34 weeks, i still do carry my ger (rarely she would let me carry her since the father is her no 1)

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hello dear, me and my husband will split the chores and take turns to put my girls to sleep. I'm currently 17weeks pregnant w two kids, 2year old and 1 year old. honestly having a part time helper to help you around the house is actually a good idea cz you can rest while she cleans. you can start send you LO to school. it'll be easier for her to learn and absorb things, she'll tend to follow what her friends do. if she sees her friend driking from a straw cup she will try and imitate. if your husband don't agree on getting the part-time helper, when she goes to school you'll have alottt of time to yourself. you can slowly do things at ur own pace. my daughter use to sleep late too, what i did was i will play w her bfr her bedtime. if i want her to sleep by 9pm, I'll start playing w her ard 8pm thn usually by 845pm she'll be very tired. i hope this helps!

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