NIST test. do not go for Oscar. Opt for Paranoma/NICE/Harmony

Speaking from my own experience… I went to one of the clinics in Thomson Medical and the Dr asked me to go for Down syndrome test (the usual 12/13th week test). I opted for Oscar, thinking that my family and my hubby’s do not have any Down syndrome babies and it’s relatively cheaper by a lot (est $700 difference!). Turned out the result is 1/4 chance of getting a Down syndrome baby and that I need to go for invasive tests. The report also indicated that my baby does not have a nasal bone. Later I went for second opinion to another private clinic in Mt Elizabeth Novena, the Dr suggested to go for another blood test, NICE. He purposely make it much more affordable so that his patients are much more comfortable in getting this tested. Turned out my baby is FINE! No genetic issues at all! Now that I’m 20 weeks and I did further scans and My baby is perfectly alright. I have heard another case where a lady had Oscar test and results were ok. Later after giving birth, the baby is having Down syndrome. So don’t try to save money for this test. #1stimemom

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I have asked around and noticed that mummies at Thomson medical did Oscar and Many of the times are false positives. They should consider changing the company to do NIST. Stop using Oscar. Heard from my gynae it’s a very old test.