FTS test down syndrome test at 12 weeks

Hi.. got my down syndrome test results (combination of blood and ultrasound scan) in the ratio 1:906 and dr told it as intermediate risk. But lower risk is 1:1000 and above. Im really worried about the baby and they mentioned that the nasal bone is absent. I'm really scared.

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u can do harmony test or amniotic fluid test, but the chances of miscarriage is high for taking amniotic test. You can do harmony test. I did fts and harmony test to be more accurate for my second child. As my first child was tested for Edward Syndrome through fts and amniotic fluid test. This is a very serious chromosomes abnormalities, which 90% of babies will miscarry and over 90% of the babies which are born can't grow until more than 1 year old. My fts result was 1:99. To get a peace of mind, it's good to take another test to verify and don't scare yourself. Stay calm and pray for blessing from God. I went through what you're going through. May God bless you and your child. Take care and talk to your baby regularly and stay strong and positive as you result is better than mine. Baby needs mummy to be strong and positive to be healthy

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4y ago

Congratulations!!! I just saw this post and just wanted to share my experience. Thanks for the reply. Wish you and your family be blessed with good health.

Hi mine was same too.. Did lot of research on Internet, medical journal, etc and found isolated finding of nasal bone is insignificant. Some countries donot take this into account at all due to irrelevence as isolated marker. Just relax and wait for 16 week scan or do harmony if u can not wait that long but quite sure all will be ok for ypu in next scan

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Ultimately FTS is a risk assessment, it's not a diagnosis. Intermediate risk does not mean baby will have down. Besides, your test was done in week 12, which is on the earlier side. This means maybe baby just needed a bit more time to develop the nasal bone. It could really be all okay.

My ratio was 1:845 and i did other test as well but after the test many of my friends suggested that ratio was normal and i should have avoided test but for me that time peace of mind was important so I chose to clear all doubts.

I’m currently going through the same thing.. at 13 weeks plus now. I really feel you. I’ve been crying.. I will be getting second opinion from other hospital. I think you should too.

3y ago

Hi. My second opinion said everything was fine and I’m currently at 9 months.


my friend baby has absent nasal bone too. but 2 weeks later it grow out. think of the bright side keep talking to your baby ask baby faster grow don't make you worried

Waiting for test result especially when they have to do further test is very scary and worrying. Anyone have any advice?

Did your doctor recommend further testing? There are more accurate tests available if you want to be sure.

4y ago

Glad to see this!