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I understand that we are able to get maternity insurance from week 13 onwards. N I’m turning 11 weeks tomorrow and on week 12 I’ve an appt with the gynae to do an Oscar test to check for Down syndrome. N the insurance company tell me it’s not advisable to do the checks before week 13 in case there is some medical issues, I might have difficulty getting insurance coverage. What should I do? Does Oscar test result come out on the same day? And also…I’m currently also on meds for my depression n anxiety, seeing a dr for it. Does that means also that I might have difficulty getting insurance coverage?

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Oscar check is not so early.. Just buy it.. my insurance application took so long, like 2-3 months.. I was already close to 8m into pregnancy when the insurance was finally issued..

6mo ago

Thank you for this piece of very helpful advice!

buy before 13 weeks. oscar test may not be on the same day depending on your provider.


Thank you ^^ ♥️