Yellow discharge everyday

I have this yellow discharge every day like urine color but its not itchy nor have any foul smell. At 20 weeks now. Anybody experiencing this? Is it possible urine can leak without realising it?? Sometimes its mixed with clear discharge.

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I only experienced twice during my week 14. It was a gush. Clear fluid with alot of yellow mucus. No pain/itchy/foul smell too. I was worried as it could be amniotic leackage as my toddler accidentally kicked my tummy the day before it happened. Im 18 weeks now and no more of that discharge.

umm..Hey dear, anything apart from white discharge may be a reason for infection. better to get it checked once

1y ago

Yeah have checked it once but gynae provided a one time pill to be inserted and then followed by feminine wash. She said as long as its not blood. That's why abit confused when people say it could be infection. And now at 20 weeks still have yellow discharge.