My son is very dependent with his milk and he doesnt want to eat veggies, fruits and rice. what should i do? what vitamins do i need to boost his appetite?

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same problem tau :) ako pa start ko xa ng soup at sinasabay ko pakain sa mga older silbilings nya para routine na kasali xa.. sometimes habang ginagawa nya ang pinakagusto nya na nililimit ko sa knya like mag youtube sa tablet or cp.. sinusubuan ko xa para makakain lng at pag ayaw nya sasabihin ko no youtube or no celphone/or tablet if you're not going to swallow your food or finish your food.. works always :) napipilitan xa lalo na kng fave nya ang pinapanood nya

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When I was little, my mom always tried to sneak in veggies whenever she gave me food; she gave me spoonfuls of rice and ulam in between spoonfuls of ice cream, or gelatin. So what you could do is slowly sneak in veggies or fruits that's mashed or chopped into tiny pieces.

You can also try to make the eating conditions more conducive to happy eating. Make sure your child is hungry -- like first thing in the morning, try baby-led weaning, sing a few songs while eating, etc.