4 months old fell from bed

My son just turned 4 months and he fell from bed this morning. We're using a queen sized bed... it was awhile when I turn away and I don't know how fast he roll over. He's cried for like 1 minute before I carried him and hugs him tightly. I straight away make some milk for him and fed him. He's drinking well. He smiled when I talk to him. So far nothing serious but a bruised on his front head since he fell.. his face on the floor. I am so scared. Sorry for my English... I can't write properly as I'm shivering. He's my only son

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My baby had fallen twice from our queen size bed. The first time (she was almost 6months), i found her face up, crying. We went to the A&E the following day cause her teachers mentioned she was very sleepy the entire day. The second time (at 8months), she fell face down. Rushed to A&E cause there was a bump on forehead. Luckily for both occasions, doctor said there was nothing. As long she’s feeding well and with frequent diaper change. One of them mentioned that usually if they fall from a height that is below their own height, all should be fine. Nonetheless, the doctor also mentioned that we should not underestimate these babies. They are quicker than we think. Advised to not leave them on an open bed. We got the bed fence after the unfortunate incidents but still keep a close eye on baby when inside on her own. If in doubt, get him checked.. to get a peace of mind. Can use CDA at A&E too.

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You can observe baby for at least 24 hours, make sure there's no excessive sleepiness, no vomiting, and baby seems normal and active. Otherwise you can bring to a doctor. Don't worry and blame yourself too much, this kind of accident is quite common and babies are more resilient than you think :)

If he’s vomitting, please bring to the hospital. My baby also fell. He cried a lot. Rushed him to the hospital and he vomited there. Got a tiny fracture on his skull, even though he was being his usual active self.

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Install a fence for bed that can keep while not in use. When you place your baby on the bed pull it up. Like this kind

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Will recommend to monitor for abit. Shdnt be an issue. Don’t worry mummy!!

they are so fast! just monitor abit..and if baby is normal should be fine