Baby fell from bed :(

Hi all. My 4 months LO fell from bed (~ 70cm) yesterday, head knocked on floor. Observed him and he seems ok, activity all normal, feed also ok. No vomiting. There's blue black at the right side forehead where he fell and hit his head. However, today I noticed that his left side forehead seems to have a bump as well. It's slightly soft when touched. I didn't notice it there yesterday. Currently he's still behaving as per usual.. should I continue to observe or should I bring him to see doctor? :( #firsttimemom #baby #advice

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Hello, I'm so sorry to hear about your little one's fall—it can be really scary, especially as a first-time mom. You're doing the right thing by observing him closely. Since he seems to be feeding well and his activity level is normal, those are good signs. However, given that you've noticed a new bump that's slightly soft, it's always better to err on the side of caution. Here are a few things you might want to do: 1. **Monitor Symptoms:** Keep an eye out for any changes in behavior, such as increased fussiness, vomiting, or any difficulty in waking him up. If any of these symptoms appear, seek medical attention immediately. 2. **Check for Other Signs:** Look for signs like drowsiness, seizures, or if his pupils seem unequal. These can be indicators of a more serious issue. 3. **Consult a Doctor:** Given that there’s a new bump that you didn’t notice before, it would be wise to bring him to see a doctor to rule out any internal injuries. The peace of mind is worth it. 4. **Follow-Up:** Even if the doctor says everything is fine, continue monitoring him over the next few days just to be sure. Accidents happen, and you're doing a great job by being vigilant and attentive. It's always better to get a professional opinion when it comes to your child's health. Take care and hope your little one feels better soon!

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Hey hey i feel u i was super worried! Usually if baby is active, eating, responsive and generally no vomitting, limpness, confusion it should be pretty okay. Just be extra gentle with the head area during shower n tummy time. My baby fell twice when she started crawling around five months so thats freaky. She even had a funny indentation on her skull which i got it checked a month after the fall at polyclinic just in case but dr said it was ok whew! Most people will do bed guard or extended cot u put baby at the side of bed. But we just dismantled the whole bed and put the queen size mattress on the floor and added an extra single at the side. Baby will hit the crawling climbing walking phase so might as well right Currently my baby is 16 months and never had another fall (at least not from the bed) Super independent climbing up and down the mattress and even uses it like a soft play playground. I think in the long run its pretty great but once she hits 90cm will introduce the bed again so can practice safe climbing and getting off. I hope u guys are ok! 🐥

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4w ago

thank you for the reassurance! now that you mention it, I noticed there's a slight indentation on his skull too (near the left bump area). I was so upset & worried & I cried the whole night. hais... thank u .. I will continue to monitor him . hopefully all will be well ✌🏻

Don’t panic! It’s completely normal. My niece & nephew drop from bed many times. They are 7 & 3 yo now. Perfectly fine. Just monitor first. As long as nth unusual comes up, and no abnormal vomiting, it’s fine. U go see doctor they can only tell u the same thing which is to monitor.


i would feel better with professional opinion