my son from birth doesnt like milk every feeding is like a war and a mess as he will cry like madness till vomit out most of the milk we just fed him... we have tried all fm, my bm, soymilk, goatmilk none works... will it affect his development? he is turning 1 soon and his intake per feed is 60ml or 90 ml and when he is a sleep he also wun us to feed him till he push n throw the bottle so no feeding at night

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we are programmed to believe that milk is the best food for baby for esp calcium or that it easily gets digested. but did u know that the number 1 allergy causing product is milk. just on milk allergies there are encyclopedias written. more than u as parents understanding your child, your child's body understands his needs. each cell in his body is programmed to help him grow stronger day by day. so if he's rejected milk repeatedly to the point of vomiting, is it really logical to feed him that which could be causing him problems. children associate good with emotions... if they see u r stressed out feeding them, they easily catch that and get stressed. ur child is old enough for semi solids and solids. he wants to explore different tastes. so give him the tastes. don't fret about how his bones will form and all that...if given the right foods rich in all the nutrients he will grow stronger even without milk. I have 2sons, 18 and 21 years old. both stopped milk at 6 months. thanks to God they r fine. I had to stop milk bcoz they develop early stage asthma due to it. immediately after consuming milk they would get a wheezy cough constantly till I nebulized them. hence they themselves gave it up. so don't make eating a war. make it a joy. give him whatever he wants to eat. and don't feed him at night if he doesn't want to. follow doctors advice. if he says ur kid is normal and growing well, no worries....don't compare or complain seeing other kids

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