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My son is turning 11 months old and he still wants milk twice at night with 3-4 hours gap in between. When he comes home from infant care, he would have his dinner, shower and play before his bedtime at 8.45pm. What can I do to slowly wean off night feed or its just fine and he will wean of on his own? He will cry for milk or just sometimes start to move here and there showing signs of wanting milk. Tried to pat him back to sleep, but it doesnt work all the time. He will eventually wake up for milk again after an hour or two of falling back to sleep. #firsttimemom #firstbaby

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I had the same issue as u until she hits 18 months. I tried to give extra milk at night but my LO only took the same amount. For example her normal feed is 180ml and I prepared 210ml before bedtime, she only drank 180ml. Giving her toast and milk instead of only milk. But she ended up also asking for night feed. So I gave up. Once she hit 18 months, her night feeds became less. There are nights where she still ask for night feeds but it reduces as she grows. Before she hit 18 months I rather just gave milk so I can continue to sleep in peace because I was afraid the she wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep after longing for milk so long 🤭 (which did happened on my first few tries to wean her off night feeds) On good days now she can sleep on without night feed until she wakes up. Sometimes 4am, averagely 6-7am she asked for milk. Her last milk fed is 9pm. Because now I know she can STTN so long, I started to pat her back to sleep each time she made a fuss for night feed. Sometimes failed too but most of the time successfully goes back to sleep. She is 26 months now.

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My 13mo just went thru the leap of MOTN feeds at 5am. Previously she can STTN (last milk at 10/11pm till next day 12/1pm) without milk then the whole of last week, she woke up at 5am and 9am every single day for milk. Thankfully since two days ago she managed to STTN without milk again. Probably a “leap”. 😊

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