My son is 8 months old and still has only one tooth. I am worried. Do I need to consult a doctor?

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Hey, Do not worry, my daughter started teething at 11 months. Since, all kids have their own body type and they take their own time to reach the developmental stages. But in any case you can discuss with the baby's paediatrician. Sometimes, listening from doctor's mouth rests all your anxiety than any one else.

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Don't worry dear. Some baby takes time for the first tooth or all their teeth to come out. My daughter's first first tooth only came out when she was 10months plus. I wasn't concern since no teeth means more safety for my boobs lol

My son is 8 months and doesnt even have any teeth at all but is teething currently. And I'm not even bothered cuz he's one of the healthiest and active kids i know... Children have their different growth pace

My son cut his first tooth at 10 months. I was initially worried but my dentist aasured me that I need not worry. If your child still has only one tooth at 12 months then visit your dentist.

Don't worry at all! Different kids achieve milestones differently. There is no baby who doesn't cut a tooth!

yong kapitbahay namin 1 year old na saka nagka first tooth ang anak nya malusog naman ang bata.

You don't have to. Every child is different. My 3rd son's 1st tooth came out @ 9 months.

nope. my child got her 1st tooth after her birthday (12 or 13mos).

it is okay, my daughter had first tooth when she was eleven months

Not to worry. But if u have any doubts then pls see pediatrician.