Week 39 with Slight fever, migraine, body aching, sore throat

Slight fever (37.8), migraine, body/joints aching and sore throat Currently at week 39, does all these symptoms calls for a concern? Or I can just rest at home with plenty of water and honey?

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If you can rest with it, then go ahead. But having maigraine plus body/joint aching n fever already makes our body weak. If me i shall consult gynae n get a proper medication to rest while waiting for final lap (labour) 🤭 Speedy recovery! ❤️

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Take vit c, honey lemon..and sleep more Pregnant woman has lower immune system and ur body is probaby fighting it

Drink more water to flush out the toxic . Drink more honey n have vit C


U can take a normal panadol with lots of water & full rest at home.

Dont let it rch 38. See a doc as this is a crucial wk fr you

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Drink more water and honey will help.

Rest more at home sleep while u can.

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drink more water and rest more

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Week 39 v advanced. Take care.