Since I got pregnant, my body auto wakes every 3 hours. Is this a norm?

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We usually sleep less during pregnancy due to stress, changing hormone levels or the need for urination. We can find ways to improve our sleep quality: 1. Finding a good sleep position 2. Use pillows to support your back and tummy 3. Eat right and refrain from drinking too much liquid before bedtime 4. Limit caffeine 5. Exercise I used to have sleep issues too when I was pregnant, would always be waking up to pee. It is definitely normal but I hope your symptoms go away so you can have a good night's sleep.

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That was precisely me! I kept waking up to go to the loo and my baby kept me awake on some nights by kicking real hard. I think for some of us, the hormonal changes and the discomforts of pregnancy can keep us awake in the wee hours.There are some ways that helped me in managing my sleep issues (managing, because it did not quite solve it entirely!). I limited my intake of water and did not nap at all in the day no matter how tired I was. Other tips can be found here: Hope you get more restful sleep!

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I was one of the few lucky mummies who managed to sleep through the night, right up till I gave birth. My best buy was the pregnancy support pillow, which really helped to give extra support. It's a long U-shaped pillow. Yes, it is quite common among pregnant women due to the extra pressure and weight of the baby and other factors.

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