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My baby is 5months old but have yet to sttn. From 1month plus - 3months he will sleep a first 4-5 hours cycle then wakes up every 2 hours. 3 months plus onwards, he wakes up every 2 hours. I thought he was close to the 4 months sleep regression. But it didn’t improved from there. Only surprise is once he slept a 6 hours straight (after 3months plus old). During 1-3 months, he slept once 9 hours & 7 hours. These 3 occasion was the only time we could have proper rest. Now I’m back at work, waking up every hour is tiring. Does any parents know if there’s any reason behind this or how i could improve? I doubt is not enough milk, I feel it’s more like a habit of waking up every 2 hours for latching. As he either latch or rocked to sleep

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As babies starts growing and months increases his/her sleeping pattern changes and will get lesser due to their more attention seeking habits and thinking of playtime they had on that day good feeding and demands feeding give more supply so no need to worry about less milk supply and all take proper diet

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Same! There was once she slept 4 hours straight then every two hourly. But the most jialat one for two weeks she wakes hourly to latch! Next thing I know, her bottom 1 tooth pop because she bite me while latching! She’s turning 4 months old tomorrow. Tiring mama here. 😭

4y ago

You tooooooo😊😊


Hi mummy not all baby sttn at 5 month. My baby is 13 month not yet sttn. When she's teething she will wake every hour.

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His 2 bottom tooth popped out, not sure if teething was the issue or it became as habit :( Bec since 3rd month when he haven’t started teething. Guess we all aren’t the lucky ones to have babies that sttn

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A heavier milk intake b4 sleep may help. It's quite normal for 5 mo to not sttn though.