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Hi all Just a silly question✌✌. If u order a bouquet thru online, how will they send the billing? Is it thru letter box? Or will they give to the receipient of the flower? Updated: thanks everyone for replying. Anyway, what happen is that mr husband ordered a get well soon bouquet for his sister but keyed in the same address for billing and shipping. But email was his. So the shop emailed the invoice and no hard copy was issued out. And ya, no mistress or secret gf involve ??

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It depends on the vendor, majority will operate send the invoice via email. You can ensure that the billing address is your address and just inform them to send invoice/bill to you.

If you’re thinking of ordering a bouquet for your mistress and not getting caught by your wife/girlfriend, shame on you

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what if he wants to give his wife but not letting her know first

Usually you will pay for it with your credit card first. Recipient won’t get the bill.

Usually if the payment is already done online then you will not receive the bill

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If you are the one ordering, the bill will be sent to you...(:

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should be to sender not recipient

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Usually send to sender.