My sil kept comparing my kid with animal. My child is teething right now thus he will tend to "bite" and drool, and her comment is "why do you behaving just like a dog?" When baby smile at her, she says "aiyo u smile like a monkey" or she will say "are u a dog?" She is a school teacher somemore. I jus cant understand!

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Hi there. I think u can let ur sil know that u don't like it by saying like "where got like dog? My boy so cute". Tell aunty that we not not dog, we just teething only"....i don't think that she meant any harm, it could be a cute version of the animals that she is referring to (after all all the kids boooks have cute lively animals). I think no need to be too sensitive, just defuse the statements away ad after a few times, hopefully she will ge it

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