My sil kept comparing my kid with animal. My child is teething right now thus he will tend to "bite" and drool, and her comment is "why do you behaving just like a dog?" When baby smile at her, she says "aiyo u smile like a monkey" or she will say "are u a dog?" She is a school teacher somemore. I jus cant understand!

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Hi mommy I can feel you. As moms we tend to be very sensitive at times. I am sure your sister doesn't mean any negative connotation when she uses animals to describe you baby. Because babies are so small and cute and expressive, maybe she finds the closest thing to compare her to are small cute animals too. If you find t offensive do tell her to stop using animals to describe your baby. Sometimes I get irritated when other make fun of how my gal looks like a boy . Ok maybe they don't meant it but they already assume she is a boy and when I correct them they don't apologize or keep quiet. Instead they go on and say oh she looks like a boy!! I am like yes I know you just told me she is a boy , do you have to emphasize that to me again. Roll eyes.. Try not not take the comments to heart too much. The oath of motherhood is long, let's focus on our babies instead :)

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