Should i burp my baby after night feeds even if it means she will wake up after the burping?

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Burping baby is often not necessary during night feeds because babies feed in a more relaxed manner and thus swallow less air. If nighttime discomfort is caused by a trapped air bubble, you can avoid sitting up and going through the whole burping ritual by draping baby up over your hip as you lie on your side.

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Baby generally does not require burping at night as they take in less air when he is fed while asleep. I will not burp my baby after night feeds as I prefer not to wake him up from his sleep. I will only burp him if he wakes up on his own due to discomfort caused by wind in his stomach.

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You can try following these steps to burp a sleeping baby:

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For the first two and a half to three months yes

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Have to burp everytime