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Guessing Gender
Hi mommy's I'm abit over excited on know my baby's gender. I'm currently 16w1d.... Any old wives tales in guessing the gender?
There’s a gender calendar that can predict the gender. You may find them on google
Low Risk NT (nuchal translucency Scan)
Hi Does anyone perhaps know what a low risk NT means?
Not Sure
Is this positive? My sister sent it to me now but I think it's negative and she believes it is positive. This is the second test she's taking and both looks like this, according to her she spotted aft
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Can try again in a few more days. Blood test is still the most accurate.
Advice Needed
My L.O is a year and 10 months. And I have a problem getting him to eat. I'm lucky if he eats once a day. I have always had a poor appetite, so I'm not sure if it's genetic or not. But I'm really sta
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Hi... your child is a fussy eater. You need to entice home to eat. Have lots of different food, colourful and a good variety. You might also want to supplement his diet with milk or Pediasure.