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Hi Community! I want to ask about baby sleeping on pillow. My baby regurgitate after feeding, even after burping. At night the baby sleeps on pillow after feeding and she will slip down the pillow after fidgeting. The nanny recommend to sleep on pillow as it helps to prevent regurgitation. But some say it not good for her neck. What should I do?

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Hi... May I know how many months is your baby? Parents can safely start using pillows for children who are 1½ years old, about the same age at which parents can safely move children out of the crib and either into a toddler bed or onto a mattress on the floor.

3y ago

She's about 2month. My baby is using small baby pillow.

If your baby is sleeping in the cot, try to put some blankets or pillow under the mattress and make it slanted, instead of letting LO sleep in the pillow. My girl was a colic and reflux baby, this is what we did, recommended by PD.

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Don’t mentioned, hope it works for your baby :)

Small babies and young children do not really need a pillow. Flat surface on bed will do. Place a cloth or napkin beneath the head.

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Instead of pillows, try to pop up the mattress. You may put some towels underneath. Not too high else baby might slide down

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I use this kind .. from newborn till he can fit.

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How old is your baby?