Can you share your worst encounters with the in-laws?

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My husband decided to move to the 2br condo owned by their parents to cut expenses since our previous rent was too expensive. We had to live there for almost 2 months with her sister from hell. She doesn't respect our privacy. She doesn't knock before she enters our room. She would question why my husband is doing the laundry (I was on mat leave), and that she doesn't want him doing it when in fact my husband just wanted to help me cuz he knows our baby wouldn't get off the breast. One time, I brought home seafood pasta, (She's allergic to shellfish.), she asked if there's shrimp in it. Her mood turned sour and she called out my husband for it telling that we're not allowed to bring shrimp at home. She asked their aunt (who she treats as a maid) to sterilize ALL the utensils in the kitchen. Btw, I used only 1 fork and I ate the pasta in a disposable container. There are lots of encounter and I can't really tell which is the worst! Currently, we got a place of our own and I cut ties with my husband's family. They're not allowed to see my son who is their only apo. I know for a fact that my mother in law is talking trash together with her daughter. I kinda feel bad for my father in law. He's been nothing but genuine but I was traumatized by the actions of his daughter and I don't wanna maintain a relationship with any of them. It's been almost 2 months but my anger never dissipates. I wanna hurt her so bad so it was a good idea that I left without saying a word and never returned. I'm usually a forgiving person!

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