Do you have "bonding time" with your in-laws?

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don't see them that often since we live in different cities and at times, continents so I wouldn't say we have "bonding time" per se. But whenever I do see them, I try to go along with whatever they have planned for me and my partner --- whether or not I enjoy doing them haha. But yes, I do have my version of bonding time whenever they come to visit or when I visit ;)

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Don't usually bond. My partner also told me not to, because he knows what exactly his mother's attitude, hindi naman sa sinisiraan nya sarili nyang mother but we all have some kind of differences. And syempre sabi nya pareho kami mahalaga so ayaw nya magkaron ng conflict. 😊

yes before. but now ayw qu n cla kabonding. dhil pag tinopak cla or may mamisplace clang bagay bagay sakin agd isisi . pagbibintangan at mumurahin na parang sila nagpalaki sken.

We eat out and shop every time they visit, but it's always with my husband. But we do talk for hours (my mother-in-law and me) even if my husband is not around.

yes! we watch movies and TV series ngaung lockdown. kwentuhan about sa current events and nung pwede ng lumabas-labas we shop and dine out. ☺️

Yes.. Everytime lumuluwas sila dto namamasyal kami at kumakain sa labas. Or minsan dto lang sa haws kwentohan.

Yes, I help her in her sari sari store and carinderia when week ends.🥰

hindi..once p lng sobra layo nung umuwi kmi s probinsya ng mr ko..s mindanao p kse..

yes pagpumupunta kami sa knila always talk khit ano,kmustahan ganyan😍💕

Minsan pag nagyaya lip kumain sa labas. Kahit d ko feel c mil, go lang..