Is it selfish to my child to only want one child? Will my child feel lonely? I know from personal experience that it was quite comforting to have three siblings running around and constantly filling up the house with noise. But it has become so expensive to have children in Singapore! I feel I can handle the finances for one child. But to have more than that would be a burden... am I being selfish?

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Personally, I do not think that you are being selfish. On the contrary, I thought that is very logical and responsible thinking. To me, if having another child may mean that you will need to put in longer hours at work to make ends meet, then the tradeoff would be too high in my opinion. There will be pro and cons to being a single child, as well as having siblings. It is a matter of how to ensure that one could provide the best for the child/children. It is also the preference of the parents to decide how many children to have. I would say that if you and your wife do prefer to have more than one children, it is also possible to take a look at the household and family expenses. See what adjustments could be made to accommodate another child. It may mean that one would need to cut back on some "luxuries" and have fewer indulgences, but it could be done. Ultimately, I feel, it is the couple's decision as to how big you would prefer your family to be. Just some of my thoughts. :)

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