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Seeking mummies opinion. Does baby cot size affect baby or matter to you? Does your LO prefer bigger baby cot? I am in the mid searching for a baby cot and I also realised lots of mummies selling away their new cot due baby doesn't like to sleep in it.

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Super Mum

For my first child, I bought a bigger cot (130x70cm) that grows with the child (convertible type) because it can last her for 6 years (that’s when I plan to get her a bed). For my second child, I got the standard size (120x60cm) because she can inherit the other cot next time. I think the baby sleeping in the cot is all about sleep training. I trained my first child to sleep in the cot and in her own room since she was a baby, so she has no issues. If you start with co-sleeping, then of course baby may not want to sleep in the cot later on. I think as long as the cot is safe and there’s a good mattress, then the preference for the brand/size is dependent on you, not baby:)

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3y ago

Not to my newborn baby. Haha. My elder daughter, although almost 1m tall, somehow likes to curl up along the width of the cot. I notice the difference though. Because the bigger cot is also taller overall, in my case. There’s more storage space under the cot