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where do your babies sleep in the day? is it always in the same cot? i place baby to sleep sometimes in baby rocker chair or those cushiony co-sleeping small beds in living room where i can see baby. but feel baby takes long time to sleep in cot or will wake up easily in cot at night. is it not used to it? becoz keep changing sleep places? should i only stick to 1 place for baby to sleep, that is the cot? pls advise - thanks!

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Mine have his naps in those baby nest in the living room during the day. Thankfully he is able to sleep in his cot at night. He is not rrally fussy. Sometimes he naps on my bed too. Think it depends from baby to baby. Try and see what works best for him.

I Guess it all depends on the baby. My LO before 1 used to sleep in sarong for his nap and cot at night. After that we transit to cot for nap and nighttime. He still able to sleep.

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Anywhere as long as your baby is comfortable and you can look out for him/her