Salam mommies sekalian. Apa cara nak ubati migraine selain dari makan ubat? Migraine agak teruk. Ada kala, sampai muntah air kuning. Tolong sayaaaa. ?

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Hi there, below are some of the Natural ways to help treat migraines during pregnancy ; - Dark Room : Often, a migraine can make you sensitive to bright lights. Find a dark room, and turn off any electronics. - Nap : Lying down to take a short nap can help alleviate migraines. Many people report that an hour nap is often enough to stop the pain. - Cold Pack : While lying down, place either a cold pack, cool fever or a damp towel on your head. The cold should constrict blood vessels in your head and help alleviate the pain. Cool fever usually works wonder for me though.. - Take care of yourself : Sometimes, migraines can be set off by dehydration, tiredness, not eating well, or lack of sleep. Try to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, which can help mitigate the symptoms of migraines. Best to consult your doctor if the pain persists. Hope you are feeling much better now. 🌸

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Saya tdo dlm gelap.. alhamdullillah kurg migrainnya..