Salam.. hi to all, anybody can answer my question plz.. Im from Philippine i want to know if im born baby here in malaysia how much payment in hospital? Im 26 weeks pregnant. I appreciate who comment my post. Thanks

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If your husband is Malaysian, maybe you can get the normal price. But based on certain hospital you have to pay for deposit. They will deduct the amount of procedure from the deposit. At HKL the deposit is RM2800. If your delivery is normal the cost is RM500. Cost for caesarean around RM1000 but the cost of anesthesia is different(you have to add another RM1000+ i think. But u also have to pay for labour room cost (around RM250), cost of ward (RM150+ if not mistaken) per day, also you have to get ready for extras if some other additional blood test/procedure performed. I think you have to get ready around RM5000+ to be safe

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3y ago

Thanks so much sis for ur reply my post. I really appreciate ur comment.

government hospital less than rm100

3y ago

Sama ke kos utk local n foreigner.. slalu nya lain..