Any remedy to stop coughing? LO is 9 months old

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Make sure he gets plenty of rest. Offer extra breastfeeds or bottle feeds. Your baby will need plenty of fluids to fight off the infection . Give the correct dose of infant paracetamol or infant ibuprofen. Breathing in steam may help to relieve your baby's cough . Get it checked out by a doctor if the coughing doesn't stop after a week.

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Hv you seen a doctor? Is it due to backdrip? Well, usually have to allow baby to sleep slight higher so that he/she may feel better. You may also have to clear his/her nose and the mucus out as much as possible to prevent congestion.

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Yes yuguo Tcm is really good and effective. Alternatively, lots of rest and best to continue with the breast feeding.

Usually doc will not prescribe med for cough for babies below 1yr old.

You can consider TCM. Yu Guo is very popular amongst mommies :)

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Any physician to recommend