My 2 months old LO is coughing. Any remedies?

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Usually below 2 months old there won't be any medication for it. It could also be a mucus backflow which causes the coughing, prop baby higher after feed. If baby is still coughing very badly, please bring baby to a doctor.

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Give plenty of liquids, including breast milk, formula (if your baby doesn’t take breast milk), and water. Suction out nasal mucus using saline drops and a suction bulb. Moisturize the air with a humidifier.

Coughing any flu? Best way is to continue breastfeeding if you are. Our anti bodies will go to baby through the milk.

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Try Yuguo TCM & also look got natural stuff like essential oil ? I went to PD no medicine cause too young.

3y ago

Any physician to recommend

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Brought my lo to see pd. Lo was given medicines.