My six month old son is coughing, is there any natural remedy I can use other than giving him cough syrup? Thanks!

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hi, hopefully baby is feeling ok already. you can consider taking baby to TCM for baby massage and a herbal powder pack to put near the naval. you can consider going to the Yu Guo Tcm clinic for children at kembangan plaza but it is super crowded (u can try wkdays afternoon). otherwise u can try those more established tcm clinics and see if they have such a service

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I was told by my PD, it is never good to give toods cough syrup. Many doctors, cought means cough medicine. In actual fact cough medicine doesnt do much except for suppressing the cough. If really needed try Prospan which has natural ingredients in it as well. Otherwise, water, no sweets. :) Thr cough will pass eventually.

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Please don’t give cough syrup. Try tcm. My Daughter was coughing badly. Went to see Pd but no use. End up we went to yu guo tcm, 1 session and her cough stopped. We go for a few more to clear out her phlegm.

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Is this safe for 2 weeks old baby??

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Prospan is the safest but if western medicibe does not work then maybe can try a reputable TCM

6 months old I'll bring to see a doc first..I. Personally prefer TCM

Steamed orange with salt