Breast pump for a first time mum

Can you recommend a breast pump for a FTM, either for home use or office use? Would appreciate if you share what you like and dislike about it too! Thanks!

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I use Avent at home and Real Bubee in the office. Avent is good enough and less expensive than most of the established pumps. Real Bubee is extremely cheap at less than $30 for double pump; however, I find that it is painful. Hence, I would only pump max 10 mins for each breast. When I accidentally pumped a little longer than 10 mins, I bled...had to throw the milk. 💔

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I got spectra S1 for home use, real bubee for going out and work.

2y ago

Thank you!

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Ftm too. Spectra S1 is better than Philips Avent.

Real bubee double pump. Can get it at 20+

2y ago

Thank you for the link!

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real bubee works for me

BE Mini Cordless Breast Pump

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Medela pump