giving fruit for baby 3m

Hi all,recently mil ask me to start giving fruit like easy to digest fruit only banana & papaya for my lo.her concern is bc my baby not having enough vitamin c since he drink formula milk this now. Amount is just 1-2 tea spoon a day,to be inform mil is highly education bg ex anyone here hv sm experience like me?

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Tulis jawapan
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Nooo... Don't feed the baby unless 6m. My mum is an ex nurse too, she works in labor room. There are cases of baby my eating too early and needs to operate... Just milk for now ya mommy.

3y ago

Thank dear..i don't know how to tell her.bc mil said, she do the same to his children (now is my hb) she said it ok only. All this information depressing me.don't know who to follow.sampai i pula rasa stress, recently my lo down with flu , the she remind me again..

Don’t. Start solid food when baby reach 180days @ 6month. Please dont mommy.