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Do we always burp our baby after feed?
In hospital after delivery, I am taught to burp the baby after feed so that baby feel better and will not have milk stuck in airway resulting in potential vomit milk which happen sometimes in cot when
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for newborn it is important to burp, especially if you bottle feed cause air tends to get trapped in their little tummy and cause bloating, it's uncomfortable and it's painful too.
It is important to burp till the baby starts to turn.
Should we carry baby up when they cry in the cot?
Hi All, recent research say is good to cuddle baby when they cry and this is the best time to build the close bond with them. Baby will turn to distress if we let them cry till tired and this affect t
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a baby, especially newborn is still getting used to the outside world. it's terrifying for some. imagine you were being protected in a nice and warm environment for almost 40 weeks, but then one day y
It is important to pacify a crying baby. The baby cries when in distress, and if you don't pick her up, eventually, the connection between crying and help to come is broken. This can lead to some emot
Any cheap and good recommendations of Diapers brand?
Any diapers brand which is good and comparable to Merries or Mamypoko but more affordable at reasonable prices. My baby always poo heavily after feeding and usage is real high.
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Huggies Gold. I got in Qoo with all the voucher. Cheapest is $12/pack I manage to get.
Can buy from q10 for merries is cheaper
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Pet pet is cheap and good
How do we know what is the right amount of milk for baby?
Hi all, my baby boy is 19 days old. He need to be feed around every 3 hours. He drink breast milk and most of time top up with formula milk. Total amount ranging from 90ml to 150ml everytime depending
The baby may cry for many reasons, not just hunger. If the baby vomits after a feed, maybe he needed just pacification. Have you tried a pacifier? One of the important things that the French paren
S1 Spectra Breast Pump accessories
Hi All, the standard breast shield is 28mm (M size) which is too small for my wife and I need to get bigger diameter breast shield (L size). Any idea where can I buy one in Singapore shop?
Try Robinsons
You can get the 32mm breast shield online from either Pupsik Studio or Qoo10. If you urgently need them, I believe Kiddy Palace has them. You can also try the brand Maymom, they have more sizes availa