Is a quicky enough to satisfy husbands' sexual needs? Will the wife end up feeling unsatisfied or used? if so, does husband feel guilty about not being able to satisfy their wive's sexual needs and desires?

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I think if you are not in the mood but want to satisfy your husband, a quickie is good. At least you both get to the deed and by helping him to orgasm, it simply satisfies him. Men in general, need to release it once in a while. A man produces sperms everyday so when there’s too much, he will want to release them. Plus it’s good for him because it reduces the risk of him getting prostate cancer plus it renews his supply of sperms. Good when you both are trying for a baby as he needs to have a fresh and healthy supply to get you pregnant easily.

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It very much depends on every individual. Everyone has different needs and expectations. Sex or love making should be enjoyed by both parties and to help continue to strengthen the relationship and not become something that both dread. Have a chat with your partner if these are bothering you. Only the both of you can answer these questions truthfully.

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Husband feeling guilty or not guilty in regards to whether they are able to satisfy wife’s sexual needs, I think if u r really pregnant, they will care more if he can be involved in housework and taking care of you bah? And also because u r pregnant, quicky is very good already! What more he expect? 😊😊 don’t worry too much ya. Enjoy ur pregnancy.

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Personally, I think quickies are very convenient when you're not really in the mood but your husband still wants to get intimate. If the sexual need is mutual then by all means, take the time for both to be satisfied. But if we are being realistic, there will be days that a quickie will be come in useful.

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In my opinions, quickies are just when you want it but have no time for it. Then again, i normally wouldnt prefer a quickie. My husband prefers quickies lol. I would think women prefer love and sex making more then a quickie? Having a heart to heart talk with your partner is best.

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It depends. If you need a quick relief,sometimes a good quickie can bring both to an orgasm feeling and both will be satisfied.

When I'm not in the mood, but spouse is? Then quickie definitely works!

Depends on what both of your expectations are.

I am ok with quickie. Both gets satisfied

I think depends. The style of the couple