Maternity Pad or Normal Pad

Hi. Just a quick question. After giving birth, can we use normal pad instead of maternity pad? Or atleast a 32cm with wings pad? 😅

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normal pad can do but I used night with wings so I don't need to change too regularly.

yes I used normal when I got home too.

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Hospital used maternity pad with strings and loops. When home, used normal pads , longer 40 cm night ones.

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I used the Kotex maternity pad. Dislike the loop thingy.

maternity pad

initially I use the pad provided by the hospital. when that's finished, I use normal pad

normal pad is good enough

After my 1st pregnancy, I reckon just use normal pad. Save the hassle of strings and what’s not. So Troublesome! Lol! I bought the 41cm to be more secure. Cheers!

after give birth can use the normal pad 32cm is the perfect size cause i always prefer normal pad den the maternity pad hehehe

i used night pads 35cm. as you will wake up every 2-3 hours to BF or express milk, you can change your pad regularly