Hi Mummy, do you all recommend overnight panties or maternity pad after giving birth? Which brand?

Hi Mummy, do you all recommend overnight panties or maternity pad after giving birth? Which brand to get ?

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I would suggest maternity pads bc it's gonna be very heavy bleeding, and even then you need to change it more than once a day. I used Madame Maternity Pads, and if I recall correctly even my hospital used those. I would also suggest using disposable panties with those for convenience sake.

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Overnight panties should hold up even more for heavy bleeding no?

I used Kotex Overnight panties! They are soooo comfortable and I’m not worried about leakage after giving birth. I even ditched my sanitary pads for the overnight panties cos so convenient :) even recommended to my mummy friends :)

I used both and prefer pads as the overnight panties made me feel quite uncomfortable. It felt like I was wearing adult diapers. you can also use the normal sanitary pads, no need to specially buy maternity pads

kotex/sofy overnight panties x1000000. why buy pad with disposable underwear when u can just buy overnight panties? heheh btw I tried adult diapers as well. would say overnight panties are more comfy

I used disposable maternity underwear + Sofy comfort nite 42.5cm pads for about a month postpartum. Disposable underwear is a life saver as I bled lot and often stain my underwear

I always have rashes when using kotex, so after giving birth, i just use my baby pampers as the pads with no leakage at all. U guys should give it a try

I preferred using the kotex overnight panties as compared to maternity pads. no worries of leakage and it was really comfortable and convenient.

+1 to Kotex overnight panties! I’ve tried disposable panties + pads too which is ok but the overnight panties are too comfy and convenient.


Sofy 42cm with disposable underwear which I bought from Watson's on sale. As the bleeding reduces you can change to a smaller pad.

I bought maternity pad previously but end up i used my own laurier pads which i was using for my menses.