Which maternity pad to choose? Or normal pad is sufficient after delivery?

Hi mummies, can anyone share which brand maternity pad or pad you use after give birth? Wing or no wing? How often do you change each time in a day?

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Regular wing pads for the day and Kotex overnight panties for the night. I also use cold perineal pads for the first week as I had 3rd degree perineal tear in my labor. I use these along with cotton disposable undies.

I used the kotex overnight herbal the longest one as I’m not used to maternity pad. I think those stick on with wings is still my favourite. I changed like 2-3 times, depending on the flow.

day time I use wing pad for heavy flow 40cm, night time I use kotex overnight panties. during the day I change 2-3times and wash with water each time. I healed very fast. natural delivery

I use Kotex overnight panties as it’s much more convenient. Change 2-3 times a day depending on your comfort level. Can get from EZBUY.

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normal pad is totally fine. I used Kotex heavy flow with wings.


I used kotex overnight panties. it's very convenient!

Winged overnight or heavy flow pads are good enough.

Use Kotex overnight panties!