Dutch Lady Milk

Hi! Can pregnant woman drink Dutch Lady Chocolate Milk? I'm very addicted to the drink so is it safe for my baby and my health?

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Thanks mommies..i manage to control my addiction 😘..it really did increase my blood sugar level..after i stop drink it & drink chinese tea..everything back to normal now..

I read on many sources to read labels, esp milk n cheese. That they have to be pasteurised to be safe for pregnant women. So do look out for pasteurized ones.

Hi.. should be fine as it is as milk as a good source of calcium. Just control ur intake and drink in moderation.

Should be ok if its in moderation. Chocolate milk contains high amount of sugar.

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Boleh minum tapi jangan kerap... Sbb ada gula tambahan... Takut sangkut GDM nanti...

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I drink that during my pregnancy too. But moderate the amount intake.

Maternity milk is preffered as they have lower fat and sugar content

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In moderation. Fresh milk will be best compared to chocolate milk.

Can someone share more about maternity milk? What is that?

In moderation.. try to control the addiction!