Any pregnant mummy face the nosebleed problem. I'm now trimester keep nosebleed. How to solve this problem?

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Me too! In the course of 9 weeks, i have nose bleed for 2 times now. The 2nd one was quite bad because the clots was thick. But apparently its normal. Unless if it keeps on flowing. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hi mummy, you might want to check out this article: Hope it helps! And take care, drink lots of water.

Me. But not until the blood will flow down. More like when I blow my nose will have blood stain on the tissue. I ignore it cause they say its normal due to hormones

So far no. Check with ur gynae

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Me! But I do nothing, just let it be

I never had this before. I suggest for you to seek advise from a professional.

I experienced it I just went to a normal TCM. They did some acupuncture for me. They said my inner body is very heaty. with additional to this pregnancy. it made it worse. After seeing TCM, It helped a lot.

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Which tcm u went

You can consider seeing a TCM. which trimester you are at now? I agree with what Jac says. Gynae usually has no solution to it.

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U can go see tcm for it. My friend went Gyne that time and got referred to ENT. But of course u can ask ur Gyne for any ideas first - but they usually don't have

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you are right. gyne juz say go normal clinic. I went to sgh then also refer to ENT.