headache n nosebleed

i am 16 weeks pregnant.. Is it normal to always have a headache and nosebleed?

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Nose bleed is normal due to increase hormones also stuffy nose but it should not be everyday if it happens very often you should consult your ob. Make sure you drinknplenty of fluids and having a nasal spray is a life saver

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It’s normal to have occasional headaches, but nosebleed... may wish to check with your gynae to be sure so they can best advice you.

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I realised this does happen to some mummies

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It’s abnormal condition better to check with ur doc

Im also experiencing headache almost everyday, my OB advise me to see a neurologist to make sure there is nothing to worry about.

I had the same thing. Doctor said I was too stressed & told me to rest, increase my fluid & take vitamin C. Eat oranges. He said would help for nose bleed.

Better to check with ur gynae

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Might need to drink more water to prevent heaty. And consult doctor.

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Pls call up ur gynae to check

Sometimes it happens.