Pregnancy Cravings

What did you crave for the most during your pregnancy?

Pregnancy Cravings
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Started with everything that's extremely spicy during 1st trimester and vomit everything out with a burning throat. Then stops all cravings during 2nd trimester. 3rd trimester had super mad cravings for traditional buttercream cakes (those with 3 stripes on top in yellow, red, green kind)

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Maggi noodles and tea. My Doctor has strictly advised me not to have either of them and maybe that's why I'm craving more.

Chocolate during my 2nd trimester. Now at my 3rd trimester I'm ALWAYS craving for bread and cheese. 😮‍💨

I craved for chocolate in any form, steamed dumplings/siomai, and ruffles cheddar and sour cream chips!

craved sweet foods for the 1st trimester, salty foods for 2nd and spicy foods during the 3rd 😂😂

i don’t usually take junk food but I crave for all sorts of junk food now :(

I didn’t experience any cravings! Just ate as per normal, albeit more healthily.

Banana cake and all kinds of dessert. I don’t take dessert before pregnancy.


A lot of breads n cheese, waffles, Pandan cakes n a lot of bakery bakes 🤧

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Sashimi, uni, Japanese food.... Even salad! All that I can't have.......