Pregnancy craving names

If you named your children after your pregnancy cravings - what would their names be?

Pregnancy craving names
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Nasi lemak kot.. tu menu pertama sy mkn sejurus sampai malaysia.turn dr kapal jak.. ada 4jm utk flight seterusnya.. sy sgt terliur2 nasi lemak.. hahaha.. cepat2 g mkn nasi lemak old town.

chicken butter, sweet and sour fish, grill chicken, chicken chop, tempoyak durian, ayam penyet. 😂 Oh nooooo!

My mom craved honey dews when she was carrying me and she pretty much still calls me that 28 years later

sinigang baboy at gabi 😍😍😍😍 this baby has more filipino gene than indian gene😂

Meiji, since I loved the chocolate drink and had 1 everyday. It's not that bad right? lol

Mohammed Vadei :) hahahaha super craved good vadei when I was pregnant with my son!

Most times I don't even know what to eat but I will be very hungry

Hahahaha this is hilarious just reading the different names! Mine would be Mala!

Am pregnant I need help to get my unborn baby wears .

Honey milk tea Luncheon meat fried rice Claypot frog leg