Cravings during early pregnancy

I’m constantly craving for sweets. Did other mums out there experiences it during your pregnancy? Did you switch to healthier options? What did you eat? Or did you resist the cravings? Thanks :)

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I crave for both savory and sweet stuff but more for the latter. I did try to take fruits as alternative but it doesn't satisfy my craving. What works for me is to just allow myself to have only one or two small servings of sweet stuff a day. E.g. One square of chocolate / one slice of whole grain cracker with whatever spread I have/ if I have a glass of sweet drink that day I'll try to skip the sweet food. If I don't have sweet stuff for a long time I tend to binge, so rationing works for me. And I don't stock too much junk food at home. Out of sight out of mouth haha. Plus, I tell myself those things are just empty calories. They are adding pounds to me and probably not to the baby, since most of them are not nutritious.

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I crave for anything spicy! I can literally drink mala soup medium spiciness and feel its not even spicy enough (I'm not someone who can take spicy before I got pregnant). I just continue to eat spicy food till the craving stops 😂. Mine from craving for spicy stuff to sweet stuffs during 3rd trimester.

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3y ago

I love spicy food lol. Thanks for sharing :)

Nope I didn’t have any cravings and I consciously tried to cut down on my intake of sugar. Generally I snacked on fruits like oranges, grapes and banana. I also ate cereal + oats and sliced cheese. When I wanted cold sweet drinks I would just dilute them with cold water.

Me! I ate so much sweet stuff in my first trimester then I went to the dentist and found out I had 5 cavities since getting pregnant! Now I cut back and eat more fruits when I want sweet things but I cheat too here and there haha

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Food cravings are normal, and sometimes even weird :) I never liked sweets but my pregnancy made me crave for sweets. Enjoy everything in moderation & it should be fine.

I crave for fried food, and I went to indulge without thinking but now for better health, I've gotta stop binging on junk food all the time lol. Occasional indulgence is fine though :)

I was craving for chocolates... Hehe.. I ate in moderation & remind myself to drink more water. I am glad that I managed to pass my OGTT too.

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Ppl get diff cravings throughout whole pregnancy but jus take in moderation :)

yes , i ate doughnut, chocolate bars, icecreams, cake , salad.


I had those sugar free ones but in moderation.