Working from home

Do you prefer to work from home or office

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Super Mum

Best to have a choice and a balance of both. I miss the office and coworkers when I work from home for a long time, but i like having the flexibility to work from home when I have some errands to run.

Super Mum

Since I’m taking care of the kids full time for now, there’s not much difference. Hahaha. But my job (when I go back) doesn’t allow me to work from home, so there’s never been a choice there.

Hard to say I think home for the flexibility but office is nicer to meet with your coworkers

Working from home. I use the saved travelling time to clear more work

VIP Member

Office for peace, home for convenience of latching and seeing my boy

Home, but would love to come back office once a week

VIP Member

office, wfh really difficult to concentrate

VIP Member

Working in office. I'll be more efficient

WFH, but don't mind a mix of both

Home... I prefer not to travel