Just pouring my heart out here. My baby was all well and healthy. Was 34 weeks. We went to checkup on Monday and was so happy to see her with head down position preparing to see the world. Just 2 days after the checkup, i felt no movement at all. I kept thinking she's probably sleeping. No kicking, nothing at all from morning till late afternoon. She's usually so active in my tummy. Breaks my heart so so much to hear that there was no heartbeat detected. While waiting to give birth, I could hear babies crying in the other room and all I could think of was here I am in the delivery suite without hearing my baby's cry. Days after giving birth to my baby, I'm so sick and tired of hearing "Can try again". I feel so paranoid hearing that every single time. And on the other hand, sure there are people that's gonna text you condolences and such but saying 'Let me know if you need anything' is like why the hell should I come to you if I need anything. Shouldnt you be the one coming to me and comfort me instead of me finding you? It's easier said than done. After I lost my baby I really feel so paranoid at so many things. I couldnt bare seeing a pregnant women or a newborn baby. It breaks my heart every single time. I dont wish to see anyone. Talk to anyone at all. Some of the people that I expected to be there for me wasn't even there at all. The least expected person were the ones that came. Sigh.

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Honestly I feel. No amount of words can heal you. I had stillbirth on 1st Jan 2021 and had to be via c sec cuz the placenta was low and it still hurts that I've lost my baby. New year day hits differently now. You will never be ok cuz you can only accept it overtime.. Ppl who tells you to "move on" doesn't know exactly what moving on means. Being paranoid is part of the package of a stillbirth parents and it's ok to be paranoid. Take your time to get yourself ready to face the world all over again. I didn't talk to anyone except my husband for 2 months. Friends and family gave me time to recover myself before I'm willing to contact them willingly. You do you.. Focus now on your confinement and get your body back healthier then before. Whether you have a rainbow baby or not is your own choice. No one can force you. Take care of yourself is the priority now. 🫰🏻

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so sry to hear ur loss. i had stillbirth in early march last year too. it was devastating and had to even go through funeral etc. but few mths later i was pregnant with rainbow baby and had just given birth at 38 weeks. i was paranoid throughout the whole pregnancy, worrying abt stillbirth again. hence i opted for elective csec to make sure there is minimal risk of delivering my baby and to deliver as soon as he is full term. so fight on girl! i always think that my angel baby is looking after us in heaven and blessed us with another baby. so take as much time u need to heal, is ok. and to be honest, i dun really like ppl comforting me when the incident happened bcoz they will never know how we feel actually. i rather be alone and try to get over it as time passes.

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Im so sorry for your loss mummy, take all the time to grief and mourn. And no, no such thing as “can try again”, people need to learn to not say that. I hope god will give you all the strength to go through this tough time and may you have the right people to surround and support you. ♥️♥️

so sorry to hear abt ur loss. I had 3 miscarriages before welcoming my rainbow baby in 2021. grieve all u can.. maybe go for a short trip with ur husband to enjoy.. God is the best Planner. take care

Hi, i felt the same too when i had my 2 miscarriages, take time to grieve and find strength to move on whenever you feel ready.. i hope you know you have us here supporting you, always..

I'm so sorry to hear this. avoid ppl at this fragile moment. may God grant you and Ur husband strength during this trying moments.

I'm so sorry to hear this. Sending u virtual hugs and kisses. I pray God gives u strength to go through your days.

Sorry for what happened. Just beware of having depression. Grief and do what you need to feel ok.

Sending love and hugs over. Praying for strength and healing as you journey through this. 🩷

I had 2 miscarriages before and it hurts when I think of it but life goes on. be strong.