I terminated my pregnancy as my baby had trisomy 18

After 5 years of my marriage and through ivr, I finally had my boy who is 2. So I thought I am not so easy to get pregnant. Who knows, I got pregnant when I was not even trying. Everything seems smooth. Had all the pregnancy signs. However, after multiple tests and scans, my baby girl was having trisomy 18. The fetus specialist says only one side of the heart was functioning and there were other issues with the heart as well. So even if we give birth to her, no surgery could help. We finally decided to terminate the pregnancy. The process was so scary especially when I felt my girl drop out of me... its been several months. though life goes on, nobody knows the pain that remains in me. I keep thinking is it my sins that cause my girl to be so sick....

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My heart is breaking for you my dear. I had MC in 2021, and an ectopic pregnancy in the following year, which resulted in D&C and tube removal. I was so devastated and it took a long time to heal. I even went to see a therapist for healing. After awhile I realized that the pain of losing my babies would never go away; I need to embrace the pain, and move on with life. I have faith that one day I’ll see my babies again in heaven. I’m currently 9w + 3d pregnant, this is my third pregnancy and hopefully a successful one. Please don’t blame yourself. Keep positive vibes all around, and DO TAKE YOUR TIME TO HEAL.

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3mo ago

hope the pregnancy will be smooth for you. I think it is important to have supportive husband and family which apparently I don't think I have

Recently I came across a video that shared about how a part of our babies will always remain within us. “When a baby is in the womb, a part of their DNA moves to the mother's body through the placenta and embeds itself in the mother's tissues, becoming a permanent part of her.” She will always be with you no matter what. Hope that will give you some comfort ❤️

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Hi mummy, you never lose your baby girl, she just became an beautiful angel earlier. It’s no one’s fault and definitely not your fault too. She will be in your heart and mind forever❤️ fighting and jiayou! feel free to share and talk to us here when needed♥️

Hello there, just want to send some hugs and love to you. Hope u can stay strong and positive for ur boy too. Very sorry for your loss and the pain that u are going through. If u need to let it out, always know that there’s outlet here and we are there for u!

Sending virtual hugs to you. Please don’t blame yourself. You are doing the right choice for her well being, just know that some things are beyond our control. I can understand the feeling of losing her, our precious little one… stay strong babe.

Sending lots of hugs to you. Sorry to hear the loss you have to go through. stay strong, pls take care and I believe there'll be light at the end of the tunnel! 💪🏻

Hi mummy, stay strong sorry for your loss! But i believe, if the baby is born, she will suffer even more, and you would feel more heartbreak and guilty

Sending virtual hugs to you and sorry for your loss. it must have been tough for you to experience all of this. Stay strong for yourself and family.

Hugs n more hugs for you. It is tough to even read this 😣 So sorry for your loss. Only time will slowly heal.

sending hugs. stay strong. i believe the lil one knows and will come back soon. rainbow after the rain.