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Hi mummies, i will be having my weekly checkup this coming tues which i will be in my week 38 and 4 days. I was thinking of asking to induced on that day and do you think doc will let me ? Because at week 36, my baby weight was 3.1kg and i believe that it has gone up even more. I am planning to go on normal birth so should i ask for induced on my 38 wks 4 days ? So far now i got no contractions yet. Just abit of cramp here and there. What do u think mummies?

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Hi mama, I hear you’re concerned that your baby may be too heavy or large for natural birth? Truth is, most ftm birth naturally at 41.3weeks and, if you read about big babies, it’s not necessarily a cause for a c-section. There’s an evidence based article regarding this that you might be interested to read. There’s an audio file that you can listen to as well: https://evidencebasedbirth.com/evidence-for-induction-or-c-section-for-big-baby/ Further, scans are not as accurate as we’d like them to be and are very often a few hundred grams off. My gynae told me that I’d be birthing a 3.6kg baby or thereabouts but he rushed to weigh my son when he was out and he weighed 4.019kgs :) and yes, he was birthed naturally. I always believe we will be given babies suited for our bodies. Birth is physiological - or mamas before us without all the science and medicine would not have been able to birth so bravely and confidently :) Whatever you decide mama, it’s your choice :)

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From what I hear around my friends, I think most gynae would ask to induce at week 38. My gynae also ask me to consider inducement since week 38. Not sure why you want to induce at week 38, but for me I waited til my EDD before I decide to induce. Ultimately, it still just week 38, and your baby supposedly is not "expected to be due yet". Also, I think if your body is not ready for labour yet (esp no dilation), having induce too early would usually lead to failed inducement and result in emergency csec. Ask for your gynae advise and the choice is always yours. Whatever the decision you make, jiayous! 💪

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3mo ago

For me, I do not want to deliver too early nor too late. So i controlled my diet and waited til EDD and if it is not out yet I would go induced. I also kept telling baby my birth plan and if he do not want us to "force" him out which he might feel uncomfortable, he needs to come out himself. On EDD itself, baby still not out yet, I arranged for inducement on the day itself. Again, telling baby what is going to happen too. And true enough as if baby really could understand me, my contractions started when I almost reached hospital for inducement. 😆

Take the gynae’s advice. Best to wait till your EDD if possible? Although it’s full term, the extra days baby stays inside can help the lungs develop even more.